These days you will find many marketing research companies are engaged in conducting online surveys and ask different sets of questions to their selected panel of audiences. The opinion expressed by various responders of these panels is used for developing new marketing strategies.

Look for well-established, professional company engaged in providing marketing research services to various businesses, besides conduct opinion poll to develop a marketing strategy. What is an opinion poll? Let’s discuss this in this article.

Opinion poll is similar to a market survey where canvassers will ask a few samples of people a few questions. The purpose of this opinion poll is to find out what general people think about any product, service, or even an issue. However, what questions to be asked are decided by the market research team.

Such kinds of opinion polls are also used before any important election to get an idea of what people are thinking about the current state of affairs and what changes they expect from the party that will rule any country.

Opinion polls are scientific

The following are a few reasons why such opinion polls can be considered scientific.

  • Respondents are chosen based on their profile and hence they are expected to answer accurately as the questions that are asked are relevant to them.
  • Most of these polls are conducted anonymously and therefore the respondents can answer freely and frankly without any fear of intimidation.
  • If a certain common response is found to be significantly high from different cross-sections of the responder then it can be interpreted as the opinion of the people.

Accuracy of opinion poll

No opinion poll will ever claim their results are 100% accurate however, by looking at the general response one can know the trend.

However, you can repeat the survey if you are after statistically significant data, and frame your question in a little different way, and use a little more scientific approach.

What are the pros and cons of such an opinion poll?


  1. It can help to get feedback from the actual users of any product and services
  2. If the questions are short and relevant then the most responder will willingly reply to those questions with an honest opinion.
  3. It can help to obtain a certain great idea that perhaps was never considered before.
  4. To conduct such kind of survey researchers do not need to spend very big money.


  1. Often the data collected through such opinion polls may not be 100% accurate hence may lead to wrong judgment.
  2. Mostly only a few questions are asked that do not tell the complete picture.
  3. Often the selection of the respondents is not made appropriately.

Whether you want to decide to use any kind of simple opinion poll or you want to do a very thorough scientific market research study, there is one thing that is certain that by listening to the view of your target audience, you can always make the right decisions for your business.