Candles are the beautiful things that can give warmth and illumination to any space. What can be more attractive than using a colourful candle and that too of your own choice? When you make candles at home, you can customize them as per your needs and for colours, you get those different dyes that can make things delightful for you.

The entire process of making a candle is very simple and easy. The most important thing is to get all the ingredients in place before you even start the process. If you are looking for any candle making supplies you can get them easily sitting at home. Just log on to the website of Aussie Candle Supplies which has everything including the liquid dyes and dyeing blocks.

How to make the candles at home with dyes?

  • Firstly, melt your old candles in a double boiler or you can use paraffin wax or any wax of your choice to make a candle from a scratch.
  • While they are in the liquid state, you can add those powdered or liquid candle dyes and stir them.
  • You can slowly keep adding those dyes with stirring continuously till you get the colour of your choice.
  • Once you get the right colour as desired, you can now pour the liquid in the mould which has a wick in it and let it get harder.

How to choose among the different types of dyes?

There are 4 different types of candle dyes. Each has its strength and weaknesses. So, one based on your preference:

  1. Dye chips: These are simple to use as you just need to put one chip per pound and you will get that exact colour that you are looking for. These chips are available in different shapes like diamonds or circles.
  2. Dye blocks: They are available in different colours and each one of them can dye up to 5 pounds of candle wax. However, if you have a small amount like 1 pound of wax then it might be a little trickier, but not impossible. Anytime this can be the least expensive method.
  3. Powdered dye: This is one of the most concentrated one to use. All you need to add is the .01% to .05% of candle dye to your wax. This works the best when you want to make tonnes of candles together but they do not have a variety in colours. One more thing to note is that all the other dyes are made based on this little powder added to them.
  4. Liquid dye: They work the best and the colours are brighter too. All you need to add is around 4 to 8 drops per pound. However, this can be messy too as you will have to be careful by using a dropper and to keep it sealed when you don’t need it. This is also an inexpensive product to use.

In short, if you have a mass production to be done then you can go for powder, liquids and blocks as they are pocket-friendly and easy to use.