When you’re considering buying a massage chair, is it hard to justify the purchase because you view it simply as a fancy overpriced sofa? While some massage chairs may appear this way on the surface level, they actually offer up so many benefits to your mind and body when used on a regular basis. Whether you’re battling pain, stress, insomnia, or just want to improve your daily life, a massage chair could be the answer you’ve been searching for. In this article we’ll traverse through 5 of the most significant ways in which a quality massage chair can embellish your standard of living.

  •  Relieves Pain From Sore Muscles and Sciatica

Nobody is exempt from getting sore muscles from time to time, no matter if you spend your days working a strenuous job, playing a sport, or typing away at an office chair. The culprit behind this soreness you feel is a substance called lactic acid which accumulates around your muscle tissue. Massaging these affected muscles helps to break down the lactic acid, relieving pain and tension in your back. Having a massage chair that can help you accomplish this from the comfort of your own living room instead of repeatedly taking trips to the spa is so convenient, and can save you lots of money in the long run. Not to mention the fact that many massage chairs were designed with the input of orthopedic doctors, which means that not only can they help with basic muscle soreness but they can also simulate chiropractic movements such as tilting and twisting. This has been proven to reduce pain related to sciatica, especially along with heat and deep tissue massaging.

  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety

While it may not have the ability to replace your therapist, spending time in a massage chair has proven to be a useful coping resource for managing symptoms of anxiety and stress. Clinical studies have indicated that not only does receiving a relaxing massage help to still your mind in the moment, but the stimulation can actually help to increase the flow of serotonin (a mood stabilizing hormone linked to bringing feelings of happiness and joy) to your brain by 28% while decreasing cortisol, which has been dubbed as the “stress hormone”, by 30%. These benefits can only be felt in full effect when massages are done frequently, so it’s understandable why having a massage chair of your own can be an asset for improving your mental health.

  •   Improves Blood Circulation

Healthy blood flow contributes immensely to your well being, and owning a massage chair can help you maintain it. Some massage chairs come with a zero gravity feature, which means that with the push of a button it will allow your body to rest in its most natural position; the legs are elevated above the rest of the body, with the spine angled at 128° (+/-7°). This improves oxygen intake, helps pump more blood to your arms and legs, and improves the function of your circulatory system.

  •  Helps to Induce a Deeper Sleep

Insomnia is something that we’ve all experienced in our lives, at least on a small scale, however for some people this condition is ongoing and wreaks havoc on their daily life. It can be caused by stress, diet, blue light from our devices, health conditions, and many other factors that make it difficult to get a good night’s rest. Thankfully, having a massage chair at home has been found to work wonders for those who suffer from insomnia. It can be used at night before bed to promote muscle relaxation and a calm state of mind, some chairs even have bluetooth so you can opt to connect your favorite relaxing music or sounds – like rainfall, or ocean waves.

While we are in an attempt to leave a global pandemic behind us, there is no better time to work on building and maintaining a strong immune system. Improving your sleep schedule, blood circulation, and reducing the amount of stress in your life are all proven ways to strengthen your immune system. However, receiving regular massages can do more than just that. Massage chairs help to flush out harmful toxins in your body, while also increasing your white blood cell count which makes it easier for your body to fight off illness and disease. When you get sick less often you can live a happier, more active, and more fulfilling life.

If you are looking to make an investment into long term health, wellness, and serenity of mind then purchasing a massage chair is a great decision. This list is just a small handful out of the multitude of positive changes a personal massage chair can make to one’s life, how will it impact yours?