Whether it is your new vehicle or a new custom home Bolton, both need lots of care and maintenance from time to time to keep it in good condition. Well, if you want to keep your new home in top condition then your need to take a good effort and also spend a little money too.

You can also find a certain custom home builder Bolton like Cedar Hills Contracting whom you can utilize for regularly maintaining and upkeeping your house. Not only they can help in maintaining your home, but also can renovate it as per your requirement.

The following few things that you can do to maintain and upkeep your custom home.

  1. Monitor the level of humidity

If you can maintain the humidity level less than 60% then it can keep you much comfortable and also reduce any chance of mold growth. You may use an air exchanger or dehumidifier as required.

  1. Monitor the plumbing

You need to keep an eye on the plumbing system of the home so that there should neither be a lack of water pressure nor any water leakages.

  1. Change batteries

Make sure that you must change the batteries used in various electronics monitoring systems like video cameras, fire alarms, or any other similar systems installed.

  1. Change furnace filters

Usually, furnace filters have about 90 days of lifespan so they must be regularly changed after 90 days based on their condition.

  1. Assess the exterior

You need to check the condition of the exterior of the home for any leakage or cracks. Also, you must check whether the energy bill is in the increasing trend that also needs to be addressed.

  1. Clean the gutters

Whether it is a new or old home, no gutters will be without build-up of debris from time to time. They need to be cleaned at least twice a year.

  1. Check intake and also exhaust vents

It is necessary to ensure that nothing is obstructing airflow, especially important if you are in Minnesota, where snows can always block and allowing the flow of carbon monoxide inside the house

  1. Inspect landscaping

The surrounding soil takes a little time to settle after any major construction project. So, make sure that landscaping is normally sloped away from the home.

  1. Read owner’s manuals

To ensure that all working appliances are working appropriately, you must read all the instruction manuals, to learn how to take proper care.

  1. Review your warranty

Most new buildings come with a certain short-term warranty, which covers any faults in workmanship and materials. Review your warranty manual and address any problems with your builder.

  1. Do some caulking

You may re-apply caulk gently to the edges to prevent any plumbing damage. You may also re-apply caulk if you see any fissures around doors or windows.

  1. General cleaning

You must continue to do regular cleaning of your new home and often time to time you may also prefer to give professional cleaning to your home through janitorial services.