Have you witnessed the blocked drain? Is the water draining slowly in your sink? Do you not know what to do to clean the bad odor coming from the drainage pipes? You can hire a professional plumber who is an expert in treating the blocked drains Sydney. Of course, hiring a plumber is quite costly but it is definitely worth it. If you think that the problem is solved by the DIY steps, make use of the tips offered by the experts to unclog the drain. These tips are highly efficient in unclogging the drain instantly.

Major causes of the blocked drain

Before getting into the topic, understand the major and common causes of the blocked drains. It helps you to find a way to avoid the blocked drain next time. Clogged drains may start as the minor problems but can escalate into big issues quickly. The clogged drain causes corrosion, slow water drainage, flooding, and costly repairs. Here are the common causes of the blocked drain.

  • Hair is the major culprit for the drain blockage because it binds with the grease and various sticky substances to form the clogs. Make sure all the drains have the guard to catch the hair and then clear it regularly
  • Do you know that soap plays a major role in blocking the drainage and pipes? Soaps are often made with the fat and grease. Whenever fat in the sap is combined with the minerals in the water, it leaves the hard reside, which clogs pipes and stains bath fittings. Start to use the soap-free wash and use the pressure cleaning method to remove the soap buildup

Tips to unclog the drain

  • Unclog the drain using the salt

Do you know that salt is the non-toxic and natural drain unblocker? Due to the presence of antiseptic and abrasive properties, salt becomes the best cleaning ingredient. If you wish to unclog the drain using the salt, make the 50-50 solution of the water and salt. Then, heat the solution and pour it down the drain. You need to repeat this step a couple of times. Afterward, flush the drain with the help of cool water. Since this method is extremely easy and does not need any special ingredient, it helps you to get out of the issue immediately.

  • Use vinegar and baking soda

One of the popular and effective ways to unclog the drains is the combination of the vinegar and baking powder. All you have to do is mixing the vinegar and baking soda. It causes the reaction, which fizzes and bubbles in your drains. As a result, the blockage starts to break down. To use this combination perfectly, you need to pour the hot water through your drain and then put half a cup of the baking soda. Leave it to sit in the drains for 10minutes before putting the half cup of the vinegar. Once these two ingredients combine, you will witness the bubbles built up in your drain. Within a few seconds, it dislodges the nasty clogs.

If you are unable to unclog the drain using these methods, then join hands with a plumber because they solve the issues associated with blocked drains Sydneyquickly.