Entrance doormats are a mandatory requirement for all commercial spaces. It is the responsibility of management to provide a safe working environment to their employees. Most pathogens enter into any building through one’s footwear. Doormats aid in absorbing dust particles and other microorganisms and thereby keep the indoor air quality safe.

Averting the risk of infection and maintaining the hygiene of the environment plays a huge role in boosting employing productivity. By keeping infections away, you keep your employees healthy and they will be better focused at work. There are several other reasons how doormats could benefit you.

Benefits of entryway doormats:

  • Create a good impression: There is a reason why first impressions are hyped. A good-quality, visually-catchy doormat infused with your company logo would put across the message that as a company you are particular about the quality of every single thing. This creates a good impression amongst clients.
  • Professional ambience: A professional ambience makes any commercial space more inviting. Offering clients and customers a smooth surface to walk on with multiple colors and written message retains the professional ambience of your space.
  • Clean environment: Anyone would be put off by cluttered spaces. Clean and tidy spaces immediately grab out attention. Use an entryway floor mat to absorb dirt, debris and moisture from the shoes of those entering your premises.
  • Presentable: When you place door mats at the entrance, you prevent foot tracks on the floor which reduces the need to clean your space often and makes it look presentable at all times.

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What to look for in a mat?

Scraping power:

The point of placing entryway doormats is to absorb dust particles. Those stepping onto the mat should find it easy to scrap off dirt or snow from their shoes. The material should instantly trap the pollutants.


Rainy and winter season makes the floor slippery. The last thing you want to deal with an employee or client slipping on a wet floor in your premises. Slips and falls are bad for businesses and a costly affair. Mats with anti-slip property prevents falls.


The mat shouldn’t reposition and slide away when people scrap their shoes onto it or step on it. The mat should provide high level of friction.

Other than these the choice of mat material depends on your industry. Some materials work better against stains while some aren’t suitable to exposure at certain temperatures. Rubber mats are study and don’t slip off but shouldn’t be exposed to high temperature while coir mate is mold-resistance, has good scraping power but is infused with latex during processing.

There is no one best mat material. The choice of mat material depends solely on the needs of every company. Ask the mat manufacturer for suggestions and purchase an ideal doormat for your business.